Lontara Project

La Galigo Music Project

Can’t you feel it? Music makes the world go ’round! – Stevie Wonder

Mr. Stevie was right, one of the best way to promote La Galigo among youth nowadays is thru music! We don’t have any better choice than summoning these talented and fresh musicians… Together, they combine forces to arrange traditional musics and songs from South Sulawesi (and also mix it with musics from other region in Nusantara, such as Jawa, Sumatera and Borneo) for you. So far, they’ve been creating new tones for “Ininnawa Sabbara’e” (a Buginese lullaby that is also played for Tari Pajoge’) and Sulawesi Medley of “Anging Mammiri-Sipatokaan-Tondok Kadadiangku-Tenga Tenga Lopi”.

Can’t wait to hear how good does it sound?

Let’s check their profile 🙂

Muhammad Yusuf

Muhammad Yusuf

Grew up in Jakarta, this young guitar-master which famously known as Ucup doesn’t talk alot. But when he hold his guitar, beware ladies and gents! He will shake your world with his wonderful talents! Meeting Balawan during his freshmen year has inspired him to improve his skill. He brought a new light on Faculty of Law Universitas Gadjah Mada as the leader of Sanggar “APAKAH” (2010-2011). No doubt, he’s one of the best asset that we got to enrich the project!

Louie Buana

Ahlul, or famously known among his friends as Louie is once an exchange student to United States of America (2007-2008). There, he realized how beauty is the Indonesian culture. His interest on diversity and cultural preservation has something to do with his childhood where he lived in three different islands before reaching 19 (Sumatera, Bali and Celebes). He was also a vocal student at Purwacaraka Music School in Makassar.

Putri Fistyaning Army

Putri Fistyaning Army

Born on October 27, 1989 this wonderful young girl leads her own future by applying for Guitar Classic Studies at Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI), Yogyakarta. She formed a band call “Green Apple” and now is on her way to make a debut. Her love to music is indescribable; ranged from Pop rock to karawitan! Although she is Javanese, grew up in Celebes for Seventeen years has put the island and it’s people close to her heart. Bravo!

Himawan Eka Putra

Himawan Eka Putra

This third year Law Student is very active! He joined Gadjah Mada Chamber Orchestra (GMCO) as Violast, Paduan Suara Mahasiswa UGM, and several Vocal Groups. Very talented, he originally comes from Purbalingga and proud of his Javanese “ngapak” style. He enjoy playing badminton, swimming and also watching National Geographic.

Wait til we post their musics to you! They’ll also do some test drives around crowds in Yogyakarta, so make sure you know them when they hit the music. Until then, keep spreading La Galigo with us 🙂

I UPS! La Galigo


I UNCOVER LA GALIGO is a “Trilogy” t-shirt movement. We create stylish t-shirt which shows traditional element of La Galigo as work of art for youth to be weared on places, such; shopping malls, campus, beach, your friend’s house, library, everywhere! By wearing I UNCOVER LA GALIGO’s t-shirts we expect more people attention to this cultural heritage. Now, you can save an intangible heritage recognized by UNESCO just as simple as wearing a t-shirt! Get the UNCOVER series, then climb up to the next level: I PRESERVE LA GALIGO 😉

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Pre-order: Satuan (Tapi kami menunggu 24 orang yang pesen, baru diproses :D) Jadi semakin banyak, semakin cepat.

Waktu : 2 Minggu

Pesan dulu ke via email/fb/twitter/komen disini. Formatnya : Nama/Ukuran/Jenis Kelamin/Contact Person

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Lontara Project Bukan Tempat Mencari Uang!

Pembuatan kaos ini murni bertujuan untuk lebih mengakrabkan generasi muda dari Sabang sampai Merauke dengan La Galigo. Keuntungan yang kami dapatkan akan digunakan untuk membiayai proyek-proyek La Galigo for Nusantara selanjutnya. Selain membantu kami berkampanye I UPS! La Galigo , kamu juga menyumbang untuk kepentingan sosial.

Rp 5.000,- /Tshirt akan kami salurkan ke yayasan kesehatan seperti PMI atau yayasan sosial lainnya.